Why Choose American Inks & Technology for your Flexo Ink Needs?

Whether you’re looking to create impressive visual displays, or durable prints for flexible wraps, or flexo ink with specific properties for special projects, you can find the inks that best suit your needs with American Inks & Technology. Having developed a number of award-winning ink products that see worldwide use, you can count on American inks and technology to provide you with high quality inks that have the properties your project needs to succeed. When you are looking for the best inks to use in your flexographic printing projects, here’s why you should choose the flexo inks from American Inks & Technology.

Quality Inks for a Variety of Applications

The team at American inks and technology have worked hard to produce a number of highly successful lines of water based and solvent inks. With over 8,000 formulations available, the ink products from American Inks have been formulated to have a variety of specialized properties. Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting display grade water-based ink that can provide your project with extreme gloss and stability for printing on corrugated stock and paper, or a solvent ink that can be printed on a flexible film that offers good adhesion an excellent resistance to heat, you’ll be able to find the inks that best meet your projects specific needs with the corrugated and solvent inks from American Inks and Technology.

Custom Ink Manufacturing

At American Inks and technology, we’re no stranger to creating specially formulated inks for unique projects. Whether it’s an obscure or specific color that you need for your print to be just right, an ink that was made to easily be scratched off, or an ink that is resistant to cleaning products containing ammonia and chlorine, the team at American inks have the technical expertise to create the flexographic ink that meets your special applications.

Offering some of the most successful and widely used ink products in the world, and able to create inks for even the most specialized of flexographic printing applications, when you are looking for the best inks for your printing projects, you can count on American inks and technology to deliver. Submit a lab request to get started formulating your specialty inks or contact us today to learn more about the ink products offered by American inks and technology.