Americlean Green™ concentrated multipurpose cleaner from American Inks & Technology

Americlean Green™ is a highly concentrated multipurpose cleaner designed to deep clean virtually anything in your pressroom. For use on anything from anilox rolls to doctor blades, this cleaner is incredibly versatile. When used properly Americlean Green™ will aid in the prevention of clogged anilox pores while maintaining the integrity of your valuable printing equipment for years to come.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Begin by diluting 1 part Americlean Green™ with 5-10 parts of water. (Mixing ratio may be increased or decreased depending on frequency of use.)
  2.  Proceed by flushing the now diluted Americlean Green™ through your entire inking system.
  3. Once your Americlean Green™ has cycled through your entire inking system, proceed by properly disposing of your used cleaner.
  4. Promptly following your cleaning and disposal, flush your entire inking system with tap water. This final step will ensure all remaining cleaner has exited your inking system.
  5. Repeat these steps following the completion of every run or when a color change is necessary.

Mix Ratio Recommendations (water:cleaner)

  • Daily ink system flushing 10:1
  • Weekly ink system flushing 7:1
  • Miscellaneous cleaning 4:1
  • Deep clean, no dilution