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What makes American Inks & Technology different?

We custom formulate water- and solvent-based flexographic inks and coatings, specifically for you. Every batch is matched, formulated, and made to your specifications. We also never pull ink off a shelf, we make every batch when you order. Why is this so important? Maybe you’ve got a new press and need to make a slight change to the formulation before you order your next batch. Or maybe you need a greener green or a more yellowie yellow, our chemists can make those little tweaks on demand. That’s the difference in making your ink fresh, just as soon as it’s ordered! Oh and did we mention we can even ship it out as soon as the same day you order it?*

American Inks & Technology believes that people make the difference. That's why we have technical representatives readily available to provide onsite training and troubleshooting 24/7.

Inks, coatings, and everything in between – we aren’t just an ink company we’re your partner in printing. Some additional products and services we offer are:

  • Ink blending systems, both automated and manual
  • GCMI and specialty color guides
  • pH Management devices and tools
  • Viscosity Measurement tools, viscometers, Zahn & Efflux cups 
  • Mileage, print and job function management software

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Customized water and solvent based flexo inks and coatings for printing and ANYTHING.

From solvent inks and coatings used in packaging to water-based flexo inks for labels and tags, American Inks & Technology has the perfect custom product for your specific project.

Function Specific Water Based Coatings
Function-Specific Water and Solvent-Based Coatings

When it comes to coatings and functional barriers, American Inks has you covered…literally. Need a coating resistant to gasoline, caustic cleaners and chicken grease? A coating that meets the FDA requirement for a “functional barrier” that’s soft enough to allow you to print variable data on top of it? Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Specialty Formulas
Specialty Formulas

You’re different, that’s why customers turn to you when they want something special and unique. And that’s why you turn to American Inks! We specialize in formulating solutions for unconventional applications.

Corrugated / Paper Inks: GCMI Colors
Corrugated / Paper Inks: GCMI Colors

Printing on kraft, mottled, kemi, bleached, tissue, folding carton, or another paper based substrate? We have a variety of water based ink systems formulated for your specific application –fourteen of them to be exact.

Corrugated / Paper Inks: GCMI Colors
Custom Color Matching

Color is a brand, it’s an identity that sparks emotion, recognition, and loyalty. Whether it’s printed on a corrugated tissue box, stretched film, or a soda can it needs to look identical. We have processes and programs to ensure consistency on all substrates. If you need a custom color, matched, formulated and made consistently, you need American Inks.

Color Swatches

Request a custom ink swatch TODAY!

You wouldn’t pick a color out of a book, or on your phone, and then just paint your kitchen! You want to make sure it looks perfect on your surface. If you want to see your ink on your substrate, click here to submit a swatch request!