Sustainable inks and coatings from American Inks & Technology

Our water-based inks are some of the most environmentally friendly products available in the marketplace today, but that doesn’t keep us from continually challenging our expectations to improve sustainability even further. Which is why we’re proud to offer two exciting product lines which will exceed the needs of our customers today, without compromising the future of our resources for generations to come.


By replacing traditional resins with all-natural raw materials from soybeans, we’ve created an ink system that’s not only good for tomorrow and today, it’s also good for the USA as over half of the world’s supply of soybeans come from the USA. This soy-based ink system promotes sustainability on the home turf, literally and figuratively.

Pink Brush Stroke
Pink Brush Stroke

Our HydroLV inks replace acrylic resins with up to 22% more water when compared to our Corr Classic product line. These low viscosity ink formulations promote increase sustainability for the printer and the environment. This press-ready ink is pressing the limits of how far green can go… now that’s pretty impressive!