Protect your workers with hand sanitizer from American Inks

Need hand sanitizer? Regular use of American Ink and Technology’s hand sanitizer can help to reduce the spread of germs at your facility. Our bulk containers of hand sanitizer allow you to keep dispensers and personal bottles full and ready to use when you need it most. Our sanitizer is made with 69.35% ethanol alcohol with a thickener for easy application. Hand sanitizer at this strength has been proven effective in killing various viruses. AIT’s hand sanitizer has a shelf life of twelve months.

  • One Gallon Jug – $38.43 per jug (7 lbs per gallon @ $5.49/lb)*
  • (4pk) One Gallon Jugs – $138.04 per case (7 lbs per gallon @ $4.93/lb)*

  • Five Gallon Pail – $155.40 per pail (35 lbs per pail @ $4.44/lb)
  • 55 Gallon Drum – $1,489.95 per drum (385 lbs per drum @ 3.87/lb)

*All one-gallon containers come standard with a screw top cap. Hand pumps may be purchased for an additional $5.79 per pump (limit one pump per gallon ordered). All prices exclude freight.

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