Specialty inks and applications from American Inks & Technology

Need a fluorescent that’s more fluorescent? A white that looks, well… whiter? The experienced research and development team at American Inks & Technology can help! If you’ve got a special need, application or dream, we’ve got the technical expertise to find and create the chemistry to make it possible.

Some examples of recent specialty products we’ve developed include:

  • Our team of chemists have developed and created a product that will change your pressroom forever – AMERIBOND™. AMERIBOND™ is a laser imprintable liquid laminate that’s resistant to gasoline, corrosive cleaners and detergents, all while completely eliminating the need for traditional lamination.
  • Need a flexo ink that adheres to wood and that’s resistant to ammonia and chlorine? We’ve got you covered!
  • From custom inks that are fast dry, slow dry, low evaporation, low copper, or automotive grade fade resistant to inks that scratch off and those that don’t, we have the perfect formula for your specifications.

If you or your customer can dream it, American Inks & Technology can create it.