What is the Difference between Digital and Flexographic Printing?

American Inks and Technology provides a wide array of flexo inks and flexographic printing requirements. We utilize plate printing and flexographic ink for our customers. With this method of printing, we use plates to create quality, long lasting ink applications – similar to the modern version of the letterpress. This differs from digital printing because the ink is applied directly to the substrate instead of a plate. Some of our most popular services in addition to our printing are our in-plant ink management personnel, pH and viscosity management, on-site training, job management, and mileage/quality assessments.

Flexographic vs. Digital Printing

Flexographic Printing uses plates to transfer the imagery and ink onto the substrate while digital printing prints directly on the application. The pros to using flexographic printing is that it can work on almost any material you need it to and match the exact pantone color to the exact shade. Flexographic printing is ideal for long press runs and if you need to include lamination or foiling in the process. The con of flexographic printing is that it needs its own custom plate made and if it is an elaborate design, many will be required.

Digital Printing uses the same process as your home printer but on a larger scale. It allows you to print material quickly with the exact imagery needed every time without the usage of plates, which allows for a quicker turnaround time when you need multiple image versions. The cons of this printing type is that it cannot be printed on any material, it requires mixing of toners for color matching but the shades will vary, and if you need to add lamination or foil you will need a separate process.

American Ink’s Flexo Inks

At American Ink, we custom formulate the inks you want for your printing application. We offer a variety of solvent-based inks and water-based inks for your projects. We also have specialty inks such as envelop inks and tag or label inks. Every ink we create, is made to order, which means no just pulling it off the shelf. Your ink was specifically designed for you and your induvial requirements.

With our specialty formulas, we can custom create the ink you want for even the most unconventional and unique of projects. With our corrugated water-based ink system and color matching capabilities, there is a reason we are the nation’s number one provider of flexo ink. If you are interested in contacting us about your next project, click here!