We Offer Our Customers the Best with Our Specially Formulated Flexo Inks!

At American Inks, we custom formulate water and solvent based flexographic (flexo) inks and coatings, designed for your specific project in mind. We make every batch when you order, so that if you need to tweak your ink to make the color brighter or darker, we can do that for you on demand. That is the American Inks and Technology difference! Paint made fresh, not just pulled off a shelf. Our flexographic printing is budget friendly and environmentally consciousness.

Flexo Inks

There are three types of flexo ink: water-based, solvent, and energy curable inks which encompass UV, LED, and EB. These are what is used in our flexographic printing and the three types are categorized by their resin, which is the colorant and binder. American Inks and Technology provides a variety of these types of inks for our customers depending on your needs. Water-based inks are used for applications such as paper packaging, wraps, bags, labels, envelopes, tags, and other similar materials. Solvent inks tend to be used for applications like film packaging and for adhesives and coatings. UV inks are used for a variety of things, including signs.

Water-Based Inks

Our quality grade water-based inks can be custom formulated to fit your project or application’s specifications. Our flexo inks offer vibrant colors, long-lasting quality, and are versatile. We have a variety of ink systems available, so when you are looking for the right ink, we can guide you to the best choice for your painting needs. In addition to our water-based inks, we also have a fire-flex fluorescent ink if you need an incredibly bright, vivid fluorescent color!

  • Display Grade
  • Corrugated Classic
  • Reduced Viscosity
  • Low Copper
  • pH Steady
  • Energy Curable = Fire Flex Fluorescent Inks
  • Ameriverse
  • Ameri-Soy
  • Hydrolv

Solvent Inks

Our solvent flexo inks use two primary binders during the formulation – nitrocellulose, a great adhesive and gloss with heat resistant qualities, and polyamide, which promotes excellent adhesion and gloss with minimal fire resistance. Some materials that our solvent inks work best on are BOPP, CPP, polyester, nylon, cellophane, and polyethylene.

  • PolyFlex
  • Nitroflex
  • Weatherbond
  • Ameribond

At American Inks and Technology, we have the best water-based and solvent flexo-inks. As a premier ink facility, we understand our customers need a unique color to fit their project, and that is why we provide our customers with fresh, custom ink. If you would like to learn more about our flexo inks, reach out to us on our contact page to request a tour, a quote, or have a general inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.