Stay Environmentally Friendly With the Sustainable Flexo Inks

If you are looking for a way to lessen the environmental impact of your flexographic printing projects, you can find the inks that help you reduce your ecological footprint with American inks and technology. Continually working to improve the sustainability of our inks, we are proud to offer inks that can exceed the needs of our customers while help to preserve the ecosystem and earth’s resources for future generations. Offering a number of sustainable inks engineered with resource sustainability in mind, you can ensure that your printing project is given the visual display it needs to succeed while also staying conscious of the environment.

Low Copper Inks

Formulated to aid in accommodating local requirements for copper limits, the low copper water-based inks from American inks and technology are perfect for those who are looking to provide their print with vibrant colors while working in areas where copper limits are imposed. Formulated to match the GCMI guides on Kraft, white, and bleached white paper, the low copper inks can help ensure that your printing projects result in visually impressive displays while keeping a small ecological footprint.

Inks Formulated for Sustainability

Formulated by replacing the resins traditionally found in flexo inks with all natural materials sourced from soybeans, the Amerisoy line of inks from American inks and technology not only offers an environmentally friendly solution to the needs of any flexographic printing project, but it also helps the united states economy. Using soybeans sourced from American farmers, the Amerisoy line is good for the environment as well as the USA.

Offering an ink that uses up to 22% more water to replace acrylic resins when compared to our corrugated classic flexo inks, the Hydrosolv inks offer a low viscosity ink that can help promote press productivity while increasing the overall sustainability of your printing process.

Offering variety of inks that can help you lessen your environmental impact while still giving your project the colors, consistency, and press productivity it needs to succeed, you can count on the flexo inks from American inks and technology to provide you with printing solutions that are sustainable and effective. Formulating and manufacturing environmentally friendly inks in our facility in Kalamazoo Michigan, we are always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our flexo inks. Browse our sustainable and water-based inks or contact us to learn more about the sustainable inks formulated by American inks and technology today.