Solvent or Corrugated Inks? Which Should You Choose for Your Next Project?

In any flexographic printing project, it’s important to ensure that your inks have the right qualities for your project. Carrying a wide variety of solvent and corrugated inks, we at American Inks & Technology are ready to provide customers with inks that meet their specific needs. It can be hard to determine exactly which ink will work best for your applications, especially if you are looking for ink that can print onto specific surfaces or create displays with exact color correctness. If you’re unsure which of our water based corrugated inks or solvent inks, here is what you should consider before choosing.

Create Eye Catching Displays With Water Based Inks

When you are looking to create an impressive display, there’s no better choice than the water-based inks from American Inks & Technology. Our corrugated inks are custom formulated to meet the specifications of printing press application where press productivity and color consistency are key. With corrugated inks that allow for absolute color exactness, pH control, and precise viscosity throughout the printing process, our corrugated inks were formulated to ensure that you’ll be able to make visually stunning displays consistently, even on the longest press runs.

Solvent Based Inks That Can Stand up to Tough Conditions

When you are anticipating that your project will be facing harsh conditions, high temperatures, or will need extra adhesive strength to protect it from wear and tear, our solvent inks can provide you with the ink needed to ensure your projects success when exposed to the elements. Offering polyamine and nitrocellulose solvent inks that can be printed on flexible films and specialized substrates, our solvent inks can also be formulated to meet the needs of any surface print packaging application. Also offering our solvent coatings Weatherbond and Ameribond, our solvent inks and coatings can ensure that your print is well protected against any outdoor weather conditions, or caustic chemicals that could pose a risk to your project.

Whether you are looking to print a high quantity of displays with intense, exact color, or are planning on printing designs that will face some of the harshest conditions, You can count on the water based corrugated inks and solvent inks offered by American Inks & technology to meet your project’s specific needs. Browse our flexo ink products online or contact us to learn more about our corrugated and solvent inks today!