Keep your Tools Clean with Americlean Green

American Inks & Technology understands the importance of properly cleaning anilox rolls and that is why we designed the ultimate concentrated multipurpose cleaner – Americlean Green. This specifically designed cleaner is made to clean virtually anything in your pressroom.

When you are done printing, it is important to clean your anilox rolls directly after use to keep them in the best condition possible. If you let the rolls sit, the residual ink will dry quickly and ruin the rolls. It’s a great idea to keep your ink and rolls moving so that the ink is wet and much more easily cleaned post application.

You should also make sure to be very careful when removing the anilox rolls from the press. When you do move them, you must use both hands to carry them with a tight grip. You should never lift them by their gears or bearings or over the shoulder. While ceramic anilox rolls are somewhat durable, if they are dropped noticeable damage or small cracks can occur and worsen. When setting your anilox roll down, make sure the surface is clear of tools or debris, and consider using a towel or blanket for added protection.

After a print run, always rinse and dry your rollers.  Rinsing is necessary to ensure that all of the anilox cleaner and any ink debris is rinsed away. When anilox rolls are not properly dried, they can have water spots that will affect your end product during printing. When cleaning your anilox rolls, remember to clean every angle of the roller, including the ends. Buildup on the end of your rolls can happen quickly, especially with UV inks. When cleaning the ends, do not use any sort of metal tools to scrape it off – use plastic instead.

At American Inks & Technology, we are proud to offer our Americlean Green cleaner that is directly produced in our facility. This highly concentrated anilox cleaner is designed to clean everything in your pressroom. When used properly Americlean Green will even aid in the prevention of clogged anilox pores while maintaining the integrity of your valuable printing equipment for years to come. If you have any questions about our anilox cleaner, do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to working with you.