Keep Your Flexographic Printing Equipment Clean With Americlean Green

Any experienced printer knows just how important it is to ensure that your printing press is properly cleaned between projects. Residue from previous printing projects can build up over time, which can lead to mechanical issues, misprints, and can result in wasted project materials. Helping printers to keep their equipment clean and ready to use between printing projects, American Inks & Technology has developed Americlean Green to help make cleaning your printing equipment easier.

A highly concentrated and incredibly versatile anilox cleaner, Americlean Green can aid you in ensuring that you are giving your flexographic press the cleaning it needs to maintain its integrity, and its effectiveness.

A Versatile Cleaning Solution

Whether you’re making sure the doctor blades and anilox rolls of your flexographic printing press are completely free of any ink that might have accumulated between projects, or if you’re planning on doing a deep clean of your press Americlean Green is up to the task. By diluting our cleaning solution in up to ten parts water, you can ensure that you are always using the right amount of cleaner for the job. From higher dilutions for daily and weekly system flushing to lower dilutions that give extra strength for miscellaneous and deep cleanings, you can provide your press with as regular, or irregular of a cleaning you need to ensure that its always ready for your next project.

Specialized for Flexographic Presses

Designed and manufactured in the same facility where we produce our flexo inks, when you use Americlean Green, you can guarantee that you are using a cleaning solution that was developed by our chemists to meet the unique cleaning needs of flexographic printing presses. Formulated to ensure that your press is free of ink residue and clogs, Americlean will help ensure that you get the most out of your printing equipment.

When you are looking to ensure the longevity of your flexographic printing equipment, you can count on Americlean Green from American Inks & Technology. Providing a versatile cleaning solution specialized to meet the needs of any flexographic press, our multipurpose cleaner can ensure that your press is always getting the clean it needs. To learn more about how our multipurpose cleaner can be used to maintain your printing press in the best condition possible, contact us today!