Give Your Projects a Long-Lasting Print With Solvent Inks

Different printing projects have different needs, and if your printing project demands a print that will last, it is important to have the right inks for the job. When you are looking to give your project the long lasting print it needs, you can count on the solvent inks from American Inks & Technology. With inks Formulated to provide long lasting and dependable prints on less absorbent substrates like cellophane and polyethylene, and coatings designed to add extra protection to any printed project, the solvent inks from American Inks & Technology can help ensure that your print stays well preserved.

Inks that Preserve the Look of Your Design

The solvent inks from American Inks & Technology can help ensure your print is always looking its best in a variety of conditions. Offering two primary types of solvent inks that make use of either nitrocellulose or polyamide binders, whether you expect your project to be handled regularly, or exposed to the elements you can count on the solvent inks from American Inks & Technology to preserve your projects design. With Nitroflex™ inks that can help ensure that can help keep your print looking its best after exposure to high temperatures, and Polyflex™ inks that can provide the adhesion your print needs to resist wear from regular handling, our solvent inks can provide projects with long lasting displays.

Coatings that Hold Up in Some of the Most Extreme Conditions

With the solvent ink products from American inks & technology, you can be sure that your projects design will have a print that holds up in some of the harshest conditions. With printable coatings like Weatherbond that can ensure that your print holds up when exposed to outdoor conditions, and Ameribond that can keep your print protected against caustic and corrosive chemicals and cleaning products, you can ensure that your projects design remains intact in even some of the most extreme conditions.

Formulating and manufacturing some of the most effective flexo inks for over 20 years, the solvent inks from American Inks & Technology are trusted by printers all throughout the world. When you’re looking to give your project a long-lasting display, there’s no better choice than our solvent inks. Order your inks online or contact us today to learn more about the solvent inks and coatings manufactured by American Inks & Technology.