GCMI Color Guides Help You find Inks in the Colors You Are Looking For

In any printing project, whether you are looking to create a visual display for a flyer, or are printing a design for product packaging, it’s important to have inks with colors that match the colors of your designs as closely as possible. Offering a variety of flexo inks that are formulated to match the GCMI guides, American Inks & Technology is ready to help you find inks in the colors that your project needs. Able to formulate inks in even the most obscure or specialized colors for your printing project, when you are looking for ink in any specific color, whether they’re stock colors found on the GCMI color guides, or more specialized colors, you can find them with American Inks & Technology.

Find the Colors You Need With Ease

At American Inks & Technology, we formulate our inks to closely match the colors found in the edition X GCMI Color Guide. Created in 1949, the glass Glass container Container manufacturers Manufacturers institute Institute color guide was designed to help demonstrate how colored inks will appear both when printed on both white and kraft paper. With flexographic inks that are formulated to closely meet the 42 numbered shades and hues found on the GCMI color guide as well as the pantone color guides, if you have a specific color in mind, you can easily find it with American Inks & Technology.

Custom Inks Formulated to Have Specialized Colors

Need a specific color that cannot be found on the GCMI guide? At American Inks & Technology, we specialize in creating inks with custom properties and colors. Whether you’re looking for a deeper red, or a more golden yellow, you can count on American Inks & Technology to deliver. With an experienced team of chemists ready to research and formulate inks in custom colors, American Inks & Technology is ready to manufacture quality inks in even the most obscure and specialized colors.

When you are looking for flexo inks with the colors you need for your printing projects, you can find the inks you are looking for with American Inks & Technology. Offering inks that closely match the GCMI and pantone color guides, and prepared to formulate specialized inks with custom colors, no matter what color you are looking for, you can count on AMINKs to help you finish your project. Submit a lab request today or contact us to learn more about American Inks & Technology’s custom ink manufacturing capabilities.