Find the Inks that Meet the Needs of Your Printing Projects with Water-Based Inks

It’s important to ensure that you are using inks that meet the specific needs of your project. Offering a wide range of water-based inks formulated with properties that allow them to meet the needs of a wide range of requirements, you can find the inks you are looking for with the corrugated inks from American Inks & Technology. Whether you’re looking for inks that can help provide your print with a display quality finish with vibrant colors or are in need of an ink that can help ensure good press productivity, you can find the flexo inks need for your printing projects with our selection of water-based inks.

Water-Based Inks that can Create Great Visual Displays

When you are looking for an ink that can give your printing project the look it needs, look no further than American inks and technologies lines of display grade and corrugated classic inks. Offering inks with precise and intense colors, as well as extreme gloss, the Display Grade Inks from American Inks can ensure that your print’s are given the impressive display they need. Formulated to match the GCMI guides on a range of substrates, when you are working on a project where color consistency is key, you can rely on the corrugated our corrugated classic inks.

Inks Designed to Meet your Projects Specific Needs

If you are in need of flexo inks that have the properties needed to meet your project’s specific requirements, American Inks & Technology offers a variety of water-based inks that can help meet your projects specifications. From inks like the reduced viscosity inks formulated to prioritize press productivity and color consistency on presses that use chambered doctor blades, to pH steady flexographic inks that can help that can help reduce the need for pH adjustments during long press runs, American Inks offers water-based inks that can meet the specific needs of any printing press.

When you are looking for the inks that meet the needs of your printing projects, as well as your printing press, you can find the inks you need with the selection of corrugated water-based inks from American Inks & Technology. To learn more about the water-based inks offered by American Inks & Technology, and how they can formulate the water-based inks that meet your project’s needs, contact us today.