Find the Flexo Inks You Need for Any Printing Project

Because different printing projects have different needs, it’s important to make sure that you are supplied with inks that have the right properties to ensure your project’s success. Whether you’re printing a stunning visual display with your press, or simple product packaging, you can find the flexo inks that meet your projects exact needs with help from American inks and technology.

Solvent Based Inks

When your project demands a flexible design that can hold up in tough conditions, there’s no better choice than the solvent inks from American inks & Technology. Able to be printed on a wide range of materials, and offering excellent adhesion and heat resistance, with either nitrocellulose or polyamide binders, we have worked to formulate some of the best solvent inks for use on polyester, nylon, cellophane, and other specialty substrates.

Water Based Inks

Offering vibrant colors and greater versatility, when you are looking for inks that can help you create a visually impressive displays, or that can meet the specific needs of your press, you can count on the corrugated inks from American inks and technology. Long lasting and versatile with properties like pH control, precise viscosity, and more, our water-based inks come in a wide range of formulations that can ensure that your printing projects always have the vibrant colors, and properties that you need to ensure your print is a success.

Specialty Inks

When your printing projects require ink with specialized properties, our experienced chemists are ready to research and formulate the exact ink you are looking for to meet your specifications. Whether you are looking for an ink that can be printed onto a specialty substrate like wood, an automotive grade fade resistant ink, an ink that’s resistant to cleaning chemicals or even an ink that can easily be scratched off, with a lab request, the chemists at American Inks and Technology can make it happen. With over 8,000 formulations, our research and development team has created specialty inks to meet specifications of almost any printing project imaginable.

When you are looking for the inks with the properties that you need for any flexographic printing project, you can find what you’re looking for with the solvent, corrugated, and specialty inks offered by American inks and technology. Browse our selection of ink products online to find the one that best suits your project or contact us today to learn more about the specialty inks from American inks and technology.