Complete Specialized Printing Projects With Custom Inks From American Inks & Technology

Not all flexographic printing projects are the same, and if you have a printing project with unique requirements, it’s important to have inks with the specialized properties you need to guarantee its success. Working to provide customers with some of the best custom Ink products possible, American Inks & Technology is ready to help you get the custom Inks you need to complete any specialty printing project. Ready to provide their services in custom ink manufacturing, you can count on American Inks & Technology to formulate flexo inks with the custom colors and properties that fit your projects specific needs.

Formulating Custom Inks With the Exact Colors You’re Looking For

When you’re looking to create a visually stunning display with your press, It’s important that your printing projects have inks that match the colors of your design as closely as possible. While most of American Ink’s & technology’s Solvent and water-based inks are manufactured to closely match the colors found on the Pantone and GCMI guides on kraft and bleached paper, sometimes you have a project that demands that a specific color have just the right shade to make it look just right. Formulating inks with specialized colors, whether you’re looking for a deeper red, a more fluorescent yellow, or any other specific shade or hue, the team of chemists at American Inks & Technology are ready to help you get inks in the exact colors you are looking for. With a lab request, we will work closely with you to make sure your ink is exactly the color you need and will provide custom ink swatches to help give you an idea of what your ink will look like when printed on different substrates.

Specialty Inks Made to the Needs of Any Printing Project

Whether you’re looking for an ink that can be printed onto a specialty substrate, an ink that can easily be scratched off, inks that can withstand harsh chemicals, or any other specialized property, the chemists at American Inks & Technology can make it happen. With years of experience in formulating specialty inks, and with over 8000 current formulations available, our chemists have the experience and expertise to manufacture the custom inks that meet the exact needs of your printing press and your printing projects.

Whether you’re looking to create a visually impressive display using a specialty substrate or are looking for an ink that can keep its look under even the toughest conditions, the chemists at American Inks & Technology are ready to formulate the specialized ink that meets your project’s exact needs. Submit a lab request to receive a custom ink swatch or contact us today to learn more about the specialty inks, and custom ink manufacturing services offered by American Inks & Technology.