Why you Should Pick American Inks Services

Service is in every drop of ink that American Inks manufactures, whether it is our water-based ink, flexo ink, or custom ink – our ink technology has got your back. Our five most popular services are in-plant ink management personnel, pH and viscosity management programs, on-site ink training, individual job management programs, and mileage/quality assessments.

Our in-plant ink management laboratory technicians color match and formulate inks utilizing Ink Formulation software. We formulate the inks to meet customer specifications by weighing, blending, and proofing them. Our technicians follow appropriate quality control and inspection process for inks to ensure quality based on the customer specifications, as well as backup in the Quality Control department. We also complete raw material evaluations for potential backup or replacement raw materials and assist with maintaining the work-off ink process for non-conforming products by regulating use and storage and creating formulas to work waste into sellable product.

In our viscosity management program, we make sure our corrugated reduced viscosity water-based ink system is formulated for chambered doctor blade systems where precise viscosity is fundamental. These inks are then formulated to exact match the GCMI IX color guide on kraft, white, and bleached white stock. Corrugated reduced viscosity inks are formulated for printing applications where color consistency and press productivity are critical.

Our pH Steady flexographic inks are specifically made to eliminate the adjustment of pH on press. These environmentally friendly inks are formulated to provide phenomenal pressroom stability for longer press runs. With our pH steady ink system, you will maximize your productivity while getting rid of the need for all those plate wash-ups and pH adjustments. When you need impressive printability, consistent color control and less waste, you need our pH Steady™ ink system.

We have on-site ink training for basic, advanced, and your custom-tailored requirements. This allows you to understand and learn what is required for your next project, as well as allowing us to create the perfect ink for you.

American Inks individual job management, and mileage and quality assessments are another reason our customers can be assured that we are providing them with the best service. The mileage is important because it determines the number of prints that can be printed with the amount of ink requested. It is a great determinant of our customer’s expected material use and additional costs. Our mileage assessment makes it possible for us to compare costs and help you chose the most effective course of action regarding your printing needs.

When you reach out to us, American Inks listens. When you give American Inks a deadline, we meet it because when it’s important to you, it’s important to us.