Water Based Inks for the Flexographic Printing Process

One high end system at an economical price. Suitable for kraft, mottled and bleached. substrates. Formulated for aniloxes up to 300 line screens. These inks dry quickly while printing clean and providing exceptional color intensity. Very low VOC's. We also offer GCMI Color Guides and other industry standard guides - click for more info!

Special matches including four color process, are available for both uncoated and coated stocks.

With high pigment load and thin ink film. Available in formulations up to 1000 line aniloxes.


Function Specific Water Based Coatings:

At American Inks & Technology, we have a variety of water based coatings available to meet your needs. Whether you are needing high gloss or a non skid coating, we can develop a coating that is right for your specific project. Specialty functional coatings can be formulated to meet your requirements.

Designed to print on a diverse variety of paper substrates common in the narrow web and label industry, including thermal laser applications.

  • Superior press stability at high print speeds.
  • Formulated for 200-1200 line aniloxes.
  • Available in blending bases, special matches and four color process, both permanent and standard pigments.
  • High color strength, gloss, and scratch resistance.

Our film inks offer all of the same qualities as the paper inks, while also offering excellent adhesion to PP, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP and metallic foils.

Our poly film inks are formulated for both HD and LD poly bags, and are designed to run on a variety of colored substrates. These inks are used for the produce and packaging industry, as well as low end consumer use and designer bags.

Every plant and every process has its own applications and needs. We specialize in exotic applications in all kinds of formulations, and are confident that we can make a formula that will work for your special needs.